About Leigh Stark

Content & SEO Unicorn

Working as a technology journalist for over 15 years and covering content production and SEO for much of that time, Leigh Stark has been called many things in his life.

Geek. Expert. The guy you call when you need to understand something. An SEO tragic. These are all accurate terms, but the more recent is “unicorn”. Able to adapt to any platform and technology with speed, he’s the sort of guy agencies love having on staff because he doesn’t need to read manuals in order to use something. He just explores and works things out.

For over ten years, he’s been a holistic SEO specialist and content manager, breaking down the complex problems of websites and search, and coming up with often out-of-the-box solutions that deliver results. His SEO work has been seen at RateCity, National Dental Care, Fertility First, and on projects from VMware and Telstra Global. Meanwhile, he remains a technology journalist, writing for publications including Pickr, the Australian Financial Review, and more, and can be heard on Australian radio stations regularly, including ABC, 2HD, 3AW and more, providing technology commentary and assistance.


Leigh has won a technology journalism award at least once, and was even in the finals for Best Technology Podcast at the inaugural Australian Podcast Awards. He also has a winning personality, if that counts.

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