About Sim Kaur

Founder & CEO

Sim Kaur began her marketing career working for major IT brands such as Sophos, Webroot and Datto. Having collaborated with quite a few agencies over the years, Sim knew exactly what businesses want from their marketing partners. So she decided to set up her own full-service marketing agency – the agency she wished she could work with when she was the client.

In 2017, Pounce opened its first office in Sydney, and has since expanded to open a second office in Malaysia.

With Masters degrees in both international business and commerce, Sim has also garnered accolades including ARN’s Women in ICT Rising Star award and was recently recognised in B&T’s Women In Media List.

Sim strongly believes marketing should never be boring – not even B2B. Marketing should always strive to be GREAT. To that end, Pounce encourages clients to be bolder, to be ambitious and – above all – to think creatively. After all, no one ever moved the needle by thinking inside the box. Sim empowers clients to be bolder and more ambitious with their campaigns.

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