When digital investment platform provider Ethica needed a partner to help develop and launch their brand in-market, they knew they needed more than a standard digital agency.

To do their brand justice, Ethica needed a full-service marketing agency that could offer expertise across technology, strategy and creative design. They found this partner in Pounce. 

Having spent the majority of their time focusing on the creation and build of their platform, the company hadn’t fully considered their brand and Go-To-Market strategies, logo design and visual identity. That’s when Ethica came to Pounce for support.



Ethica is a proprietary and purpose-built digital exchange ecosystem founded on the simple yet compelling premise that we all must do our part to ensure the continued existence of our planet and society for the future of our children.  

⬤ 01. The Challenge

A considered approach.

To be successful in today’s social-obsessed market, brands cannot afford for their messaging to be unclear or confusing. 

They need to know who their customers are and what they value, and how their brand is able to articulate that value. 

That’s why Pounce’s first objective was to get to know Ethica, the business drivers, philosophies, messages, and their own and their audience’s values. 

Kicking off with a workshop, we gathered insights to inform our approach:

  1. Develop brand messaging and brand positioning (including Tone of Voice, key messages and value proposition)
  2. Logo design, visual identity and brand guidelines
  3. Go-to-Market launch strategy and event support

⬤ 02. The Approach

The Pounce approach.

Ethica needed the capability to remain current with the changing business environment. This required big picture and tactical thinking. 

Ethica needed to better understand their customers, their specific pain points, interests, and how to leverage their messaging to engage and attract them. Pounce developed customer profiles to inform the various value propositions that would appeal to these customer groups, touching on their tone of voice and key messaging too.

To bring Ethica’s logo into alignment with their mission and philosophy, we enlisted our design team’s help to create their logo. Not only did the new logo design help Ethica stand out from the crowd, but our designers also delivered some ‘out-of-the-box’ creativity with custom NFTs for Ethica employees to share across their digital channels.

Ethica’s Go-to-Market launch strategy guided them from inception to launch of the new brand, meaning Ethica had a clear runway to success. The culmination of their journey was their launch at the AIBC Conference in Dubai. Pounce were there to support and  amplify their messaging with exclusive seasonal NFTs and Poap souvenirs for visitors to enjoy post-event.

⬤ 03. The Impact

Ethica has now launched into the market across multiple touchpoints and in multiple countries.

Their vision to empower investors and communities to create an ethical, inclusive and sustainable world is on its way to becoming a reality.