When Skyzer Technologies separated from their New Zealand business of the same name, they wanted to differentiate themselves with a new brand and logo design. Partnering with Pounce, Skyzer Technologies Australia were able to utilise our full-service marketing agency capability to refresh their brand design and visual identity, while maintaining their brand name and associated trust and recognition.



Skyzer Technologies Australia helps customers save money through smart product support solutions. From flexible product assembly, firmware loading, repair and refurbishment, to logistics services for enterprise to local level, they deliver solutions at any scale. 

⬤ 01. The Challenge

Brand trust.
Skyzer had to keep both.

When Skyzer Technologies Australia separated from their NZ business, they needed to differentiate their separate business, but could not risk changing their business name and lose their brand trust and recognition.

That’s when they looked for support from a full-service agency that could provide the right mix of skills and expertise to achieve their goal. 

That agency was Pounce.

⬤ 02. The Approach

The main challenges.

Kicking off with a rapid discovery session, we mapped Skyzer’s main challenges:

Having to stay as close to their original branding as possible to retain customer recognition, we expanded our design considerations to include their content guidelines to ensure we stayed on-brand with tone and style.

Skyzer needed to connect directly with their customers in ways that fostered familiarity, and delivered value and relevancy. This required multiple considerations including: new logo, tone of voice, content focus areas and the website layout and design.

While appearing a tough ask, as we worked with Skyzer to further refine their must-haves and key messages, the solutions were far less complex.

Our team delivered a refreshed logo design that retained the brand’s recognisable elements. 

When Skyzer saw the initial brochureware styled website designs, they were excited by the inviting layouts and intuitive navigation.

We showed Skyzer how they could leverage the flexible layout to deliver great user experiences and present information in fresh, modern and simple ways, ensuring they were comfortable with the designs and confident to manage the maintenance and updates of information themselves.

Showcasing examples of the newly simplified content next to Skyzer’s older, current-state content, drove home the value of uncluttered content over complex content for website visitors.

Once complete, the new website featured improved functionality and performance, creating a more positive user experience for both the internal stakeholders and their external customers.

⬤ 03. The Impact

Another happy client.

In the end, Skyzer’s customers were able to enjoy an engaging, dynamic user experience. The final result for the business was a custom built, responsive website on WordPress CMS utilising Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to construct the accompanying components.