Pounce helped this SaaS provider nearly double its conversion rates with search engine optimisation.



Established in 2005, ipSCAPE is an Australian cloud-based SaaS call centre company with head offices in North Sydney and a large national presence servicing multiple government and enterprise clients.

⬤ 01. The Challenge

The team at ipSCAPE
realised it had a problem

The team at ipSCAPE realised their website was losing more customers than it was converting. The poor structure and content design meant visitors routinely abandoned the site without finding what they were searching for.

ipSCAPE’s priority was to improve their search engine rankings to attract more clicks from people genuinely looking for their services (high intent) – helping to increase both the quality and quantity of leads captured by the website.

Keen to clamp down on the website’s bounce and abandonment rate, ipSCAPE looked for a full-service agency that could handle the SEO challenges while also having the digital and design expertise to address the site redesign and structure.

⬤ 02. The Approach

A challenge for Pounce.

Pounce’s first challenge was to identify the various factors contributing to the low rankings, loss of traffic and poor conversions.

The project kicked off with a discovery workshop to map out ipSCAPE’s goals. Then we identified the necessary short-term and long-term improvements that would help ipSCAPE to achieve those goals, breaking everything down into a prioritised roadmap.

Key to the entire project was a comprehensive SEO strategy. But beyond the keyword research there were also website issues that needed to be addressed for the strategy to be effective.

For example, we identified multiple issues with data tagging, content structures and unoptimised content. 

We also needed to diversify their web and page links – increasing site visibility and credibility while also attracting more targeted traffic to their pages. 

By systematically going through the site to make changes and correct these issues, we began to see improvements in the search rankings as well as the site’s overall performance. 

⬤ 03. The Impact

Within five months, ipSCAPE began to experience a remarkable turnaround.

The website climbed the search engine rankings, appearing on page 1 for a third of the non-brand keywords we targeted. Overall, the majority of targeted keywords saw ipSCAPE rise from page 5 of the search results to at least page 2.

Combined with the website redesign and content optimisation, ipSCAPE began to see some greatly improved results.

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