Pounce helped this client attract attention in a crowded market with an explainer video that paid homage to the era of classic 8-bit video games.



US-based managed security service provider (MSSP) SolCyber offers a curated stack of streamlined, enterprise-grade security tools and services that are accessible and affordable for all organisations.

⬤ 01. The Challenge

Time to try something different.

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) have become a vital part of the business landscape, helping businesses of all sizes to stay one step ahead of cybersecurity threats.

But the nature of most MSSPs and the plans clients sign up to means that organisations often pay for stuff they don’t need.

SolCyber’s key proposition is a consolidated software stack of the essential tools and expertise that’s more affordable while giving customers greater flexibility to access only what they need when they need it.

SolCyber had previously attempted to get the word out by focusing on benefits-driven messaging. However, the approach struggled to capture attention in such a crowded market, meaning the value of its more streamlined approach wasn’t cutting through with the right audience.

⬤ 02. The Approach

An idea that stands out.

When time is short, there’s a tendency to think conservatively. Start with a safe or traditional idea that’ll get approved quickly and move quickly on to execution and delivery.

But this was exactly what the SolCyber team wanted to avoid. They didn’t want yet another corporate explainer video.

Instead, they wanted something modern that would grab the attention of the typical CIO or IT Manager – something that would stand out. 

Rather than starting with a conservative idea and trying to make it a little edgier, Pounce instead started with an off-beat idea that could then be shaped to fit the brand. 

So Pounce proposed an 8-bit style animation that would evoke recognition and nostalgia in the intended audience – many of whom will have grown up playing classic ‘80s and ‘90s games like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Pacman.

And because every 8-bit game needs a mascot, Pounce developed a character to follow through the video.. Sega has a hedgehog, Nintendo has a plumber – and now SolCyber has an armadillo called Amos. 

SolCyber loved it.

Pounce fast-tracked the ideation and creative concepting – including character designs, scripting and storyboarding – to align with the brand and with SolCyber’s U.S.-based market.

Pounce then moved onto content production, managing all of the animation, voiceover and music requirements.

⬤ 03. The Impact

The video received positive feedback from stakeholders and customers alike.

Overall, the client was extremely happy with the traction and social conversations sparked by the video release. 

“Pounce is a great agency with a wide range of skills to suit the requirements of organisations who want to grow their brand and really make an impact. Would definitely recommend.”

Hwei Oh

Chief Marketing Officer, SolCyber