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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of those things not everyone thinks about. But they should. 


Websites don’t come pre-optimised for Google, and content isn’t guaranteed to be great. For that, you need to make great happen with an expert, complete with real-world experience.


Most SEOs talk about experience by selling backlinks, but real SEO is more than just backlinks. It’s understanding the whole site, and auditing how to make it better. It’s coming from years of experience in the search category, and knowing what the next steps are.

A search agency that delivers.

Pounce’s expert search team quickly recognises problems in client websites so they can get fixed ASAP. It’s what you needed last week.


Practicing holistic SEO, the experienced search marketers at Pounce will conduct an audit of your problems, and take you through the results, detailing the most important fixes and how they will impact your results.


We’re a Sydney SEO agency with results that can deliver to the world. And we’ll cover more than just content. 

What is holistic SEO?

It’s normal for SEO agencies to practice one of two types of SEO: content or offsite. Content SEO covers the on-page information, while offsite explores backlinks and marketing.


But there’s more to search than simply content and backlinks. 


Pounce’s unique brand of SEO is “holistic“, which means we look at every part of what makes up search. We cover the whole of your site. That’s content and offsite, but also the less common look at technical and UX, two areas that can help decide whether a page hits number one.


Holistic SEO agencies are rarer. With Pounce, it means you’ll rest easier knowing everything about your site is being considered. Because everything matters. 

Content SEO

The words on your site matters. They need to be written by experts and say the right things, but there’s more to it than having the right words.

You need content experts, topical authority, solid internal linking, and more. You’ll get a strategy that deals in more than just buzzwords, and can explain your need for EEAT, subject matter experts, and more.

Great content SEO isn’t just about having some words on your page; you need the right approach.

Technical SEO

A part of SEO few agencies specialise in, technical SEO covers not just the performance, but also the code and server underlying the website in question.

Technical SEO takes into account complex concepts in search such as URLs, server speed, errors code problems, slug and URL setup, and more.

It’s the technology expertise part of search not every SEO expert is trained in, yet it affects almost every website.

Offsite SEO

Backlinks and link building are bedrocks of SEO, largely because they’re the parts that Google and other search systems have spoken about for years.

Offsite SEO can also be about more than who links to you, though. It can be about improving your brand with exceptional marketing, and improving  awareness with brand pull.

Think beyond the backlink, and let Google and other engines join the dots about your site better than before. 


Have you ever wondered what separates a good website from a great one?

It’s not just great content, or even great performance. 

Google can read how your website looks. It can see the sizes of fonts, of buttons, of colours in text. And all of this adds up to whether or not your UX is doing your SEO harm. 

UX SEO helps improve sites by having a solid creative team onboard.

Are you SEO ready?

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Get the right SEO strategy.
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Covering every area that makes up search is part of why Pounce is different and how we make great happen, but there’s yet more we can do.

Using our proprietary RIFF framework, we can highlight the most important areas for growth immediately.

It’s an SEO strategy that identifies mission critical solutions, rather than trying to fix everything at once. RIFF strikes a chord by focusing on an order that matters, covering remediation, improvements, finalisation, and a look to the future.


It’s a different type of SEO: it works.

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